How to Comment on this Site

Hey fellow bloggers;

Welcome to my site. Here, you’re welcome to leave any comment you want and start conversations BUT there are 5 simple rules. If you don’t respect them, your comment will just be disregarded by the site administrator (me). Here they are:

  1. Leave constructive criticism. I don’t think anyone really cares about comments unless it contains something helpful. We’re here to learn! So make me learn!
  2. Don’t linger on your compliments. Thank you, I appreciate compliments like the next guy, but I already know I’m amazing (I’m kidding, of course.). Seriously, please feel free to highlight what you liked about my post, but I don’t think you need an entire comment to do so; I’d prefer if you left criticism.
  3. Be interestingMake people want to read your comment if you want these oh-so-cherished likes. I don’t see anything wrong with humor, so go ahead, release the comedian within if you wish.
  4. Don’t give out personal information. This is more like a friendly tip, frankly. Oversharing is a decision you will probably regret later.
  5. Finally, speak in a correct English. It’s okay if you don’t really master the English language (been there), but please try to do your best. My eyes hurt every time I see grammar errors. And definitely remember that every time you use textese (texting slang) on this site, you kill a puppy.

That’s it. Now go ahead and get commentin’.

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