Just kidding, you should really stay in school if you want to live decently.

But the reason you were so shamelessly clickbaited into this article is because I want to  start to address the multiple issues that most of today’s American school systems have (because, if you’re reading this, it’s probably the one you are somewhat accustomed to). I think it’s important to question everything, especially systems that we live under in our daily lives.

DISCLAIMER: I do not not support education. I just doubt the school system.

Before I start ranting, I wanted to share with you an essay that I wrote that is about exactly that — but in a lot more detail, and discussing different things. You can access it via this link. Also, I would really really appreciate it if you filled the anonymous poll at the end of the post so that I and others can see what your respectable opinion is.


You might assume from the fact that I write about this subject that I am against grades — and I totally am. Not that I’m doing bad; not to brag, but I’m practically a straight A student. The point of them is just terrible, though; how we do on tests determines how we’ll do in the future, and that’s irrevocable. I think that’s wrong because they don’t, and can’t, quantify our potential; as you can guess, childhood (and especially adolescence) is a time in our lives when we’re not particularly bright nor fully aware of what life has to throw our way. Our bodies are a construction site, we can’t think totally straight, yet you find a way to make this period in our lives coincide with the one that will most likely determine our future personal success? That’s pretty dumb.

One of the ideas I have on how we can change our current school system is by not making unessential subjects mandatory. I am fully aware that the point of school is to make us ready for whatever we’ll maybe need in the future, but I just don’t think that’s how humanity works. I don’t believe that we were born to acquire the same set of skills as everyone else, and try to express it in a way that’s convenient. We were all born and raised different, so why can’t we live that way as well? Why does one have to take PE when one is interested in science, or vice-versa? You might say something in the lines of: “Well, you need to have a large perspective to figure out what you really like”, and I think that’s a fair counter argument. But do you really need 18 years of your life to figure out what you like?

I have a bunch of other things to say about our education system; but that’s not why I’m writing. I want to spark the fire of a heated (pun intended) discussion in the comments down below. What do you think? Do you think I’m right? Somewhat right? Do you think my idiot self should stop blogging because my ideas are complete trash? Tell me down below!


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