Is the Form of Government We Have Right for our Well-Being? – SBC Week 4

Hello guys, a serious and quite specific subject is on my mind today.

I have recently been musing about the fact that more and more, world leaders today are less preoccupied about the well-being of their country than of humans in general. I find it ironic that the most influential men and women of this world are also some of the most small-minded, and wanted to share this with you.

I think that health is one of the most important things, and it should always be a priority. I want to talk about our current problems with the environment, and with our nutrition.


I think we can all agree that, despite the efforts that some countries are doing, our planet’s environment is in a deep mess to be polite. Not to single him out, but Trump leaving the Paris climate agreement is going to contribute to this greatly. The environment directly impacts our health in the short term like in the long term, and investing in its protection is the right choice in my opinion.



Secondly –and I think of this one in a more personal regard– our nutrition. If you weren’t aware, the government pretty much controls what’s in our plates (especially if you live in a poorer country). And if you weren’t aware once more, they are indifferent, if not dispassionate, about our nutritional health. The junk, unhealthy foods in your aisles is proof of that. “But, it’s our choice! We’re intelligent people and we’re able to pick what to eat by ourselves,” you might rightly say. Yes, but that’s the thing: you don’t really know what you’re eating. If what I’ve been researching for quite some time is true, government agencies are extremely loose on what goes on our plates.


As you can probably see, what I wrote lacks evidence (thus credibility) and conviction; because that’s not the goal. The goal is to start an intelligent conversation with you on these topics: 1) Should the government invest more in environmental protection, 2) Should the government control our diets more, or (a more vague question) 3) should the government worry more about our individual health. My personal conclusion is that (and not to sound like a communist partisan (I’m not)), it’s in part due to the capitalist regime in which we all most likely live under. It’s a system based more on personal financial gain than the well-being of humanity, and I think it’s unfortunate that it has become the general way to think.

I’m dying* to see what you have to say, so leave a comment down below!



*a massive stretch. I’m interested, but not to the point of death. You should really not joke about death that’s not cool


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36 thoughts on “Is the Form of Government We Have Right for our Well-Being? – SBC Week 4”

  1. G’day Lois,
    Can I use this post on next week’s visiting challenge? Very interesting topic especially when you start thinking of Monsanto and Bayer with pesticides and bees.

  2. Dear Lois,
    I wanted to say I liked your topic because all of that is true world leaders are not occupied with their own country. I had a question about what country’s are in trouble with heath and nutrients So we could try to help them out.
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  3. Dear Lois,
    This subject is something I am very passionate about. I remember when our cafeteria food choices here in the United States were made “healthier”. They forced us to grab a serving of fruit every day. But if you looked in the trash, that’s where most of the fruit ended up. And our food looked much more artificial than before. Was our food really healthier? The government actually spends more money a year on prison food than on food for schools! And to make matters worse, our “healthier food” has the same nutritional value as a meal in prison. I believe that the government should start focusing more on the well being of their people, especially children, and not on wars and weapons.

  4. I agree with you on health is one of the most important things. I don’t like to be sick but there are other people in the world that are really sick and really need help. Have you ever gotten really sick before? you should go check out my blog! Here’s the link!

  5. Hello Lois,

    I believe that this post is great. You bring up very good points about Government, how the world is being affected, and what you think is a much better solution. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank You!


    1. Thanks hmsbrady, that’s very flattering and appreciated. Is there anything I should change, or try to do better in the future?

      Thank you,


  6. Hi. I’m [anonymous]. I really like this post of yours. It’s really good.
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    1. I’m gonna leave this here to show how NOT to comment –not only on this site, but on any. I censored information because I don’t want to be a bully, but I’m still going to boo the person who left this.


      Lois Gonzales

    1. Thanks for reading and responding so thoroughly on your site. Checked it out, and really liked it. We seem to think alike when it comes to this subject. I recommend it for the people who are interested in this!

      Thank you,


  7. Hey Lois,
    Let me just say that your writing is not only sophisticated but your format is equally well structured. You choose to write about something that is often ignored which I respect very much. Truly enjoyed this post.


  8. That is crazy! I had no idea that the government chooses what’s on our plates. I always thought that the stores requested items and the government provided them with their requests. Thank you for this info (even though I might be even more paranoid now than usual) but thank you.

  9. Hello Lois,

    I love the way you wrote this post the message that you are trying to convey appeals to my positive senses.
    Cool post.


  10. Dear lois
    I believe your post was great. You bring lots of information about
    goverment and how the world is affected.

    From Hoang Son

  11. I strongly disagree with what you said about Trump I do agree with your opinion on we need to take care of our bodies and environment.

  12. Hi Lois!
    I really liked your post! I agree with you that health is one of the biggest problems. I think that one of the reasons it is such a problem is that junk food is typically way cheaper than healthy food, so people are buying junk food because it is more affordable. I think the government could make healthy food cheaper so more people can afford it.
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  13. I really liked your article. It was very interesting and I enjoyed all of the nutrition facts at the beginning. If you want you can visit my blog.

  14. Hey Lois,

    Interesting topic on the Government and our well being,
    I agree with with what you say, but also your second topic on our nutrition, I think that’s really important as well.
    Awesome post.


  15. Hey Lois,
    I think the government should invest more in environmental health. In science, we’re learning about the environment and how we negatively affect it in certain ways. I think it’s awesome you wrote a post on these topics. If you have the time please come and check out my blog

  16. This is very inspiring. like how you add people that do this. what made you think of this?

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  17. Hi Lois,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about world problems and think it is very useful to people everywhere. I think that we should pay attention more to problems in the world.


  18. Hey Louis!
    I loved your post, and have done some research (mostly through books) on this subject, and really found it interesting what you said about governments, and how they completely have their head in the clouds as far as the nutritional welfare of their citizens. I am content with my country and it’s government (I live in the U.S.A) But I personally have read a lot about impoverished countries, and I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the reason countries are impoverished is because of their leaders.

    I love your post, and hope to read more of them!
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